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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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First Flying Car now Available for Customer Orders

The world's first flying car by a Dutch firm PAL-V has been unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. The firm is now taking pre-orders for the car/aircraft on its website. PAL-V said...

Google plans to replace Android with Fuchsia

Google is quietly moving towards a future where there will be no Android. At least, the Android of the future will no longer work as it does today. Have you heard about Fuchsia? Google has...

Nissan’s Self-Driving Taxi Ready hit the Road

Nissan will start testing its self-driving taxi service Easy Ride in a few days in hopes of launching it in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The automaker and Tokyo-based mobile developer DeNA...

WhatsApp Rolls Out Digital Payments

WhatsApp has reportedly started testing out its UPI-based payments feature in India. The new feature, available for select WhatsApp beta users on iOS and Android, enables users to send and receive money using the...

World’s First Passenger Drone Launches

The world’s first passenger drone made its debut in the southern city of Guangzhou early this week on Tuesday. The electrically powered drone named EHang 184, is operated by an automated flight system thus passengers...

Meet the Robot that Serves Coffee.

"Would you care for a delicious coffee?"the one armed robot named Sawyer asks in a flat tone. "I can make one better than human beings around here." adds the cartoon eyed robot. The robot debuted...

Airbus Develops a Self-flying Taxi

It all sounded like sci-fi when Airbus first announced its plans to develop a self-flying taxi, now it is a reality! The team have successfully flown their autonomous air taxi dubbed "Alpha One" for...

WhatsApp Launches New App for Business

The new whatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp to communicate more efficiently with your customers, and to help you grow your business. If you have separate business and personal phone...

The Man who walks on a rope!

The once lived a famous rope walker, whose greatest fame came on September 14, 1860, when he became the first person to cross a tight rope stretched over a quarter of a mile across...

GM to Make a Completely Automatic Car without Steering

Would you get in a self-driving car that has nether a steering wheel nor pedals? On 12th january 2018 General Mortors announced mass production of self-driving cars by 2019. These cars shall neither have...
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