First Flying Car now Available for Customer Orders


The world’s first flying car by a Dutch firm PAL-V has been unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland. The firm is now taking pre-orders for the car/aircraft on its website.

PAL-V said the first delivery will be made in 2019 once the production model has received final safety certifications. The flying car is certified to fly under the rules of United States and European safety agencies.

Owners however will need a pilot’s licence. Flying lessons are included in the price and the company’s website is taking orders tied to hefty non-refundable reservation fees. Pilots will also need access to a small airstrip to take off and land.

The firm claims the two-person vehicle has a top road speed of about 100 miles per hour and it can reach 112 mph in the air.

Transforming from road to air isn’t quite as simple as pushing a button, it requires manual intervention, but Pal-V claims this can be done in less than 10 minutes.

The first limited edition model will retail at an expected 499,000 euros ($621,500) with only 90 available for sale. Thereafter a “Liberty Sport Edition” will be available for an expected price of 299,000 euros.


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