GM to Make a Completely Automatic Car without Steering


Would you get in a self-driving car that has nether a steering wheel nor pedals? On 12th january 2018 General Mortors announced mass production of self-driving cars by 2019. These cars shall neither have a steering wheel of pedals.

“It’s a pretty exciting moment in the history of the path to wide scale deployment and having the first production car with no driver controls,” the company President Dan Ammann told the press

By committing to rolling out fully driverless cars in a shortened timeframe, General Motors is seeking to outmaneuver rivals both old and new in the increasingly hyper competitive race to build and deploy robot cars. Ford has said it will build a steering-wheel-and-pedal-less autonomous car by 2021.

Since there will not be a driver in the cars, GM is taking the next logical step of removing the steering wheel and pedals, freeing up another seat for a passenger.

You may also be wondering about what happens if there is an emergency or the car is not moving to the side of the road when it should. Well, each of the new steering-wheel free Chevy Bolts feature an emergency stop button passengers can press if they need to stop the car.


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