Spilt Milk is meant for the Floor


His legs could support him no more! With tear-filled eyes Sam dropped down knees first. He sat on the floor his back against the fridge, he looked up the dimly lit ceiling of his room wept bitterly. “Why?” he murmured over and over again.

The day Sam made 25, is the very day Elizabeth managed to tell him how it was over between them and how they could not even be the slightest of friends. The world took a pause and he alone lived!

What would have been the first calendar celebration with his “baby girl” as he called her, turned out to be perhaps the worst day of his life. Even more baffling was the possibility that she just wanted to be left alone. There wasn’t someone else; there’s no real reason. His mind reeled with astonishment, she was choosing nothing over him!

As he walked through the days, zombie-like, all he could do was review the exchanges over and over in his mind. Where did it go wrong or fail to go right? What should he have done that he didn’t?

Days turned into weeks and months she was always on his mind. Then one cozy evening returning from a long day at work there came a call came from Elizabeth; he could not believe his eyes! She had missed his earlier in the day and she had decided to return it.

He stood almost speechless but definitely motionless, on the other side of the caller informed him she was free the following day and ready to meet. He gave praise and thanks to the lord, he could not wait!

The following day he woke early, did his chores and hit the road to uptown to find his prodigal love a welcome back gift and when he found a befitting one it was time to make preparations for the meet-up.


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